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13. The Stinky Linkee Adventure

Updated: May 6, 2021

Ugh!  I’ve had lots of adventures, but never a smelly one before!  The time we visited Washington, though, I got into very stinky trouble.

Wilson on tree

We traveled all the way out to the West coast to California, and then went up to Washington to see some of Grandma and Grandpa’s grandchildren that I hadn’t met yet.

“You will like Sylvia and Jesse,” Grandma told me.  “They like to run and play, just like you do.”


I was happy we were going where there are children. I like those places best! And I did like Sylvia and Jesse.

“Come on, Linkee,” Sylvia said. “Let’s see who can jump the highest.” She was a high jumper.


“Can you skip, Linkee?” Jesse asked. “I can — see!”

I showed them how I could jump and skip, too — but those aren’t things monkeys do best.  Sylvia could jump higher and Jesse could skip much better. I felt like pouting. I don’t like it when I’m not the best.

“Just wait,” I told them. “If we are around some trees, I’ll show you how I’m the best climber.”

Wilson kids Molly

I liked Sylvia and Jesse, but there was someone there I did not like. I didn’t like Molly.  Molly is a dog, and I don’t like dogs.  They have big, sharp teeth.

“Molly is a nice dog,” Sylvia said. “She won’t hurt you.”  Well, maybe not, but I still didn’t like the looks of those teeth. I didn’t want to play with Molly.  Besides, I like it better when the kids give ME all the attention.

Wilson boat

We did lots of fun things at Sylvia and Jesse’s house. Their house is near the water. We walked down and saw the ships go past.

Wilson sub

We went to a park and played on the statues there.  We even went in a submarine museum.  Do you think it would be fun to live in a place like this?

One day we went on a hike in the forest. At last! I could show what I do best. I can climb.

“Everybody stay together,” Grandpa said.  “We don’t want anyone to get lost.”

Wilson Linkee Sylvia tree

I didn’t pay any attention. I wanted to climb trees.  “Watch me!” I called.  Sylvia grabbed my hands.  “Don’t run away, Linkee,” she said. “You might fall and we might lose you.”

Wilson in tree

“I’m the best climber in the world,” I said. “I won’t fall.”  I scampered up the tall trees — up and up and up.  These were taller than any trees I had ever seen before, but I kept climbing.

“Linkee,” Jesse called. “I don’t see you anymore.  Where are you?”

I was showing them what a good climber I am!   I swung from branch to branch. I felt like I was flying.

“Come back, Linkee,” Sylvia called.  “You might get lost.”

I was having w-a-y too much fun to listen.  I kept jumping and climbing.  Then it happened.  I missed a branch and started tumbling down, down, down.  Ouch! The sharp twigs stabbed me, but I kept falling. Oof!  I hit the ground.  Or was it the ground?  It was softer than I expected — and it moved.  I had landed on a black and white animal. I had never seen anything like it before. It looked a little like a cat with a white stripe down its back.

The animal didn’t like to be landed on.  It was mad!  “What do you think you are doing!” It said. “Take that!!!”

Suddenly the most awful smell filled the air.  It was worse than garbage. Worse than rotten eggs.  My nose hurt with the stinkiness of it and my stomach felt like it was rolling over and over with the sickening smell.

“Linkee!” Sylvia and Jesse called from far away on the path. “Where did you go?  We can’t find you.”

I wanted to call out to them, but I couldn’t.  I was too sick with the bad smell.  How would they ever find me?

Wilson Molly

“Rowff, rowff.”  I heard someone coming. It was Molly.  She came right to me.  The kids heard her barking, but I heard her say, “Over here. Linkee is over here.” Sylvia and Jesse followed Linkee and found me beneath the tree.

Wilson stinky 2

“Ewwww,” Jesse said. “Something really stinks!”

“It’s Linkee,” Sylvia said. “And HE stinks.”

Their mama came along just then.  “Whew, Linkee must have tangled with a skunk,” she said.  “We’ll have to take him home and give him a bath.”

Wilson Molly 2

On the way home, NOBODY wanted to sit with me. They put me in the back and rolled down the windows.  I felt lonesome, but Molly came and sat by me.

“Dogs don’t mind skunk smells so much,” Molly said. “I’ll sit with you, Linkee.”

Wilson Linkee in blanket

I changed my mind about dogs that day.  They did have sharp teeth, but some of them, like Molly, could be a friend. I needed a friend that day!

Later Sylvia gave me a bath.  After I was de-skunked and clean, I played with the kids — and with my new friend, Molly.

Wilson with Walls

We had lots of fun at Sylvia and Jesse’s house.  One day my friends Jeremiah, Justin, and Henry came over to play.

I didn’t forget my new friend, Molly, though.  A friend who is kind to you when you stink is the best kind of friend to have!

Your friend,


Hi kids,

Looking at these pictures of Sylvia and Jesse and their Walls cousins make me miss all of our grandchildren more and more!

Do you ever look at someone and think, “They are bigger than I am, so they probably don’t want to be my friend.” Or maybe you think, “They look different than I do. I don’t like them.”  Linkee thought that, didn’t he?  But Molly was a true friend, even though she looked different and had sharp teeth.  I hope you will always see past the things that make you different and be ready to be a friend — and make a friend.  And I hope you will be a good friend like Molly who was kind to Linkee even when he smelled very bad.

Jesus is a good friend to His children.  The Bible says that “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8) That means that even when we were stinky with sin and did things wrong, Jesus loved us.  He is the very best friend of all!

I love you all very much!


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