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2. Linkee's Mountainside Adventure

I’m f-a-l-l-i-n-g! Ouch!!!

Whew! It is not fun to fall off a mountain. I don’t think Grandma will tell you this part of the story, even if she gets around to writing my adventures. I’ll tell you about it, though! This is how it happened.

I went home from the zoo gift shop with Grandma and Grandpa and sat on a shelf for a few days while Grandma packed and packed. I wondered where we were going! I kept hearing about a trip and “Thailand.” Where is that? I didn’t know.

One day Grandma picked me up and carried me to the car.

“We’ll take Linkee with us today,” she told Grandpa. Were we going to Thailand? Was it in Oklahoma?

No, we were going to a place called Texas — and Thailand isn’t in Texas either. Grandpa fastened my arms to the mirror and I had an interesting ride through the city and into the country. It was much more fun than sitting on a bookshelf! I decided I like traveling.

After a while we came to some mountains.

“There is Mt. Scott,” Grandpa said. “Do you remember the fun times we had with the children there?”

“Yes,” Grandma said. "Let’s show Linkee some of the fun things our children and grandchildren used to do."

First we went by Saddle Mountain. “I used to love to come and climb that mountain when I was a boy,” he said.

Then we went to the Wildlife Refuge where buffalo and prairie dogs live. We didn’t see those, but we did see a cow with REALLY long horns! I wouldn’t want one of those horns to stick into me.

And then we drove up Mt. Scott, the tallest mountain around there. Grandma set me on a wall to take my picture. The wind blows hard on the mountain top. While she was getting her camera ready, a big gust came up. I began to teeter back and forth. I looked down. It was SO far down to the ground below. And it was full of sharp-looking rocks. "Hurry up, Grandma," I thought. She took the camera down from her eye and said, “Oh, no wonder it wouldn’t shoot. I forgot to turn it on.”

The wind blew hard and I tried to hang on with my velcro paws. She put the camera up to her eye again. Hurry, hurry.

Right before she snapped the picture a HUGE gust of wind came and tipped me right off the wall. Down I went, head over heels, bouncing along the mountainside. Down, down, I went, tumbling over the sharp stones. I landed – splat – on a big rock down below.

Stuffed toys don’t have many nerves, so it didn’t hurt much. I looked at my long arms and legs. Yes, my stuffing was still inside where it should be. But how would I ever get back up again? Could Grandma climb down to get me?

No, but Grandpa did. I was so glad to see him climb down the mountainside. He picked me up from the rock where I had landed, tucked me inside his shirt, and climbed back up the steep mountainside again.

Soon I was safe in the car again. I do hope Grandma is going to be more careful the next time she takes my picture!

We traveled on to Texas where we saw Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Boyd — but Grandma was too busy to remember to take my picture.

I still didn’t know where Thailand is or why we were going there. I was soon to find out, though! I’ll tell you about it the next time I can borrow Grandma’s computer.

Your friend,


Hmm. I see someone has been using my computer! I’m sorry I let Linkee fall, but Grandpa was glad to go down and get him. He likes mountain climbing!

As I watched Grandpa climb after Linkee, I thought of a Bible story. Can you guess which one? I thought of the good shepherd who had 100 sheep. One ran away and got lost. The good shepherd went out on the mountain and looked and looked until he found it. That’s how God is. He cares about His children and will always look for His people who wander away from Him. I’m glad God loves us that much!

We love all you kids and we hope to see you soon!


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