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3. Linkee Makes a Discovery

Wow — now I know where Thailand is!

I’ve wondered about this Thailand place ever since Grandma brought me home with her. Here’s how I found out.

After we got back from Texas we went on another trip. This time we went to Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a busy trip! First we went to church at Coweta Baptist Church. They had lots of nice people there! I liked the preacher, Bro. J. C. Fulton.

Grandma was busy talking to people, so she set me down on by what she called her “mission display.”

There were some interesting pictures of people and children. I heard her talking to the church members.

“These are some of the children in our children’s home,” she said. “We will be staying there to help take care of them and to teach them about Jesus.”

Children! I was happy to hear that. I like children. I was still a little disappointed I didn’t get to go home with Izzi. I could tell that she liked me. Here is a picture of the time she let me drive her car.

Grandma was talking to some other people. “These men are preachers, but they don’t know much about the Bible. Grandpa will go and teach them about the Bible so they can be good preachers.”

Here is a picture of the preachers.

“And there are many churches that need to be encouraged and many, many people who have never heard about Jesus. We are going to tell them,” she said.

Grandpa showed more pictures in a slide show that morning and then preached about going to tell the world about Jesus. It made me glad I was going along!

That afternoon was not so fun, because Grandma forgot and left me in the car. It was really hot! I do wish she wasn’t so forgetful. I guess Grandpa preached again at Covenant Baptist Church because they took the mission display and the projector out of the car.

Grandma and Grandpa were soon back, though, and we went to still another church, Grace Missionary Baptist. That time I got to get out and come along. I was glad because I got to hang out with the pastor, Brother Jeremiah Blasi.

His son, Enoch, played with me, too. He showed me a June bug. Do you suppose they have those in Thailand?

While Grandma was packing up after the service, I sneaked a look at the globe. Where IS this Thailand place? I found it! It is all the way on the other side of the world. I wondered if it would be scary going so far away — but then I remembered that I was made in China. China is just right about Thailand. That’s not too far.

But until we go, we will be traveling around a lot. In fact, I hear we are going to church camp in a place called Arkansas soon where there will be lots of kids, including my friends Jeremiah, Justin, and Henry. And I also heard about some children in Kentucky — David, Benjamine, Anneylse, and Jonathan. I know Grandma said we would see some kids called Sylvia and Jesse in Washington. WASHINGton. Hmm. Do you think we will have to take a lot of baths there? I hope not. I’m not sure I’m washable.

Life is busy and fun for your friend,


Hi kids!

I guess Linkee DID hear me talk about our grandchildren. I miss all of you and love you very much! Grandpa and I talk all time about how we can’t wait to see you. Thailand is far away, but we will talk to you on the phone and on Skype, so you will hardly know we are gone.

Why are we going so far away from the children we love so much? Because God has a special job for us to do. He has told Grandpa to go and preach to the people who don’t know about Him. They are so unhappy because they don’t know our wonderful God. They are afraid of evil spirits and they are afraid of dying. We want to tell them that Jesus came to set them free and save them. We are happy to serve God in this special way — even though we will miss our family a lot!

But first we will be coming to visit. We will see you soon!



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