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8. The Great Stuffing Escape

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Ouch!  I don’t like needles!  How can a nice lady be so mean — sticking a needle in a poor monkey?  Well, I’ll tell you about it.


I got lots of hugs at church camp back in June.  So many friends played with me that I began coming apart a little at the seams.  I am a stuffed monkey, you know.  We visited with Izzi, Caden, and Minnie after camp.  We had lots of fun playing!


Minnie got a little rough with me, though.  I climbed up on the climbing wall to get away. 

Monkeys are good at climbing — but this time I fell off.  Minnie grabbed me up.  I looked for Grandma and Grandpa, but they were busy visiting with Minnie’s daddy, Peter.  They didn’t see Minnie stick my face in her mouth and bite my nose.  Ouch!  It felt awful — so wet and slimy.  And I could feel the stuffing oozing out of my face.

 She looked at me and grinned. I could tell she didn’t mean to hurt me, but a monkey can only stand so much!  She quit biting my nose, but stuck my foot in her mouth and starting chewing on that.  

Grandma saw me then and rescued me.  It was time to go, so we got back into the car and traveled some more.  We went to Great-Grandma Boyd’s house. All her great-grandchildren call her “Amaw.”

“Poor Linkee,” she said.  “What happened to you?”

“I think he needs some repair,” Grandma said.  

“I will fix Linkee for you,” Amaw said.  Whew!  I was glad to hear that.  I was afraid I would go through the rest of my life with a squashed and ripped face.


But — what did Great-Grandma have in her hand?  It was a needle!  I hate needles!  They hurt.  I thought she was going to fix me, not hurt me.

“This will just take a minute, Linkee,” Amaw said.  She stuck in the needle in my face, smiling all the time.  How mean is that?  And she kept sticking the needle in, over and over.


“There you go,” she said. “Good as new.”  She held me up to the mirror, and I saw that my face was fixed. No more rips.  It didn’t hurt at all now.  I was so glad! 

Soon it was time to leave again.  Amaw gave me a goodbye kiss. Maybe she IS a nice lady after all!  

We went on to more adventures.  I’ll tell you about some more friends and the goat that almost ate me next time.

Your friend,


Well, kids, I think you know Amaw wasn’t being mean to Linkee. She wasn’t poking him with a needle, but sewing him up.  He needed to be poked a few times so that he would be fixed and not lose all his stuffing.

Sometimes people wonder why bad things or sad things happen.  Do you think God is being mean to us?  No, sometimes it’s because he has things to teach us. Sometimes it is so we will be fixed up and better for it.  He is never cruel, but always kind and good to us.  I’m glad He loves His people enough to stop and correct us and “fix” us up!

I love you kids, and I miss you!  Sylvia and Jesse, I will be seeing you soon.



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