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16. Linkee’s Too-Wild Adventure

Updated: May 13, 2021


Lots of people means lots or excitement for monkeys!  I jumped around the table at breakfast the Sunday morning we were in Denver, Colorado.  My new friends, the Pitrone family, always had a special Sunday morning breakfast before church.  I jumped around and played with them.

Denver Joe P

I wanted to help Brother Joe Pitrone cook.  I jumped on his shoulder.

“You startled me, Linkee,” he said. “I think I can cook better without your help. Sit down and wait your turn, please."


Sitting quietly is no fun.  I would rather run and jump and swing.  So I did.

I accidentally slipped and landed in Benjamin’s plate.

“Hey, watch out, Linkee,” he said.  “That’s not how to behave at the table.”  I shook off the scrambled egg and pancake syrup and ran across the table.

Grandma caught me and sat me on her lap.  “You are too wild this morning, Linkee,” she said.  “You should sit still.”

Why can’t I be wild?  I wondered.  Why do I have to always be still?  Being wild is much more fun.  I wriggled away from Grandma and ran around some more.

Denver Linkee Derek

Soon it was time for church. There were lots of kids at church!  That made me happy, because I LOVE to play with kids.  I like it when they give me hugs.

Denver lots of kids

I had to sit still while Grandpa showed everyone the pictures and told them about Thailand. At break time everyone went out to play, and I got to go, too. All the children wanted to play with me. I liked it — but then all those KIDS got too wild. They all wanted to play with me at once. They started pulling me in all different directions. OUCH!

“Grandma — HELP,” I yelled.  Grandma came to my rescue.

“Those kids hurt me,” I said, sniffing.

“They didn’t mean to, Linkee,” she told me. “They just got too excited.  When kids — and monkeys — get too wound up and wild someone usually gets hurt. That’s why we are always telling you to calm down and sit still. We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

I thought about that.  The kids just wanted to play with me. They didn’t want to hurt me.  I didn’t want to ruin Benjamin’s breakfast, either. Maybe Grandma is right. Sometimes being too wild can make you accidentally do mean things. But I still like to jump and run and play!


After church we went to a park. There were kids there, too.  The church people brought a big grill and lots of food for a picnic for them.

“These kids and their families had to leave their homes in other countries because bad things were happening there,” Pastor Sam Pitrone told me. “They are working hard to have a new life here in America.  We want to help them feel welcome and we want them to know about Jesus.  That’s why we cook hotdogs for them and we tell them the good news.”

What good news?  Is something going on I haven’t heard about? I listened.  I didn’t hear any news.  They were talking about Jesus.

“The story of Jesus is good news,” Grandma told me. “These people may have never heard that they are sinners and are God’s enemies….”

“Are they especially bad people?” I interrupted to ask.  They didn’t look bad to me.

“No, Linkee, EVERYONE is a sinner. Everyone wants to be the boss instead of surrendering to God as his boss.  The Bible says we are all like sheep, going our own way instead of God’s way.”

I’m a monkey, not a sheep, but I like to have my own way, too.

“The good news is that Jesus came and took the punishment His people deserved. Now they can be forgiven and be friends with God. That is very good news!”

I looked around as the people from the church told the children about Jesus.  They were happy to tell about Jesus, and the children were happy to hear it.

I wanted to run and jump and play with the children. I had been sitting still long enough to feel wild again. This time I thought about it first. I wanted the children to hear about Jesus. Maybe I could be quiet and good a while longer so they would listen instead of looking at me!

It’s not easy to be still, but I can do it when I really want to. Don’t tell Grandma, though!

Your friend,


Hi Kids!

We had a wonderful time with our friends at Cornerstone Baptist Church.  They love to tell people about Jesus!  Grandpa and I love to do that, too.  We are praying that each of you will hear the good news with your heart and be friends with God.

I love you and miss you!


Here are some pictures of our friends in Colorado.

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