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10. Linkee – Left Behind!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Don’t leave me!  I was very naughty — but I didn’t think my badness would make them go off without me! 

It’s hard for monkeys to sit still and be good.  That’s what got me into trouble. I was B-O-R-E-D.


 We rode in the car a long way to Arkansas.  I was tired of riding, but I wanted to see Bro. Steve Raines.  He played with me at camp and let me ride on his back.

But he wasn’t there!  He was sick when we visited his church. I didn’t get to see him and I didn’t have any kids there to play with.  I felt like pouting. So I did.


When we out to dinner after church, the grown-ups talked and talked. Miss Rebecca Raines talked about going to teach children in Korea.  I wished I had children to play with!  

They didn’t even have monkey food.  Paul Raines offered me some of his food, but I didn’t like it and spit it out.  

“Linkee, that’s very rude,” Grandma said.  She picked me up and put me in her purse.  That made me mad!  As the grown-ups talked and talked, I got madder and madder.  I decided I would show them!


When we finally went out of the restaurant, I quietly climbed out of Grandma’s purse and scampered up a tree. I hid there in the leaves.  That would show them!

But then — a terrible thing happened!  Grandma and Grandpa got in the car and left.  They didn’t even miss me.  There I was in a tree by myself in Arkansas.  What would happen to me? What would I eat?  Who would take care of me?  What if it rained? I clung to the rough branches and cried.  I was so frightened!  

After hanging there for a l-o-n-g time, I saw the most beautiful sight in the world.  It was Grandma and Grandpa’s car.  They had come back for me!

Quickly I dropped to the ground.  Grandma saw me and ran to pick me up.

“Oh, Linkee,” she said. “I was so worried when I saw you weren’t in my purse. You must have fallen out when I was walking to the car.”

I didn’t tell her that I climbed out and hid in the tree, but I decided I would never do that again!

“We will go to the hospital next,” Grandpa said.  “Our friend Evan is very sick.”

“Maybe a monkey like Linkee would cheer him up,” said Grandma.

I was suddenly scared!  Had I been THAT naughty?  Would Grandma give me away?  I was quiet when we went to the hospital and hung on tightly to Grandma.  I was relieved when they went into the gift shop.  Grandma looked through the stuffed toys and picked out a monkey.

“This doesn’t look like Linkee, but it looks like Linkee’s cousin. We’ll call him ‘Winkee,’” she said.


We took Winkee up to Evan’s room.  Evan was asleep and didn’t know we were there.

“Evan has been very, very sick,” his Daddy said. “His appendix burst and he has been in a lot of pain. The doctors gave him medicine to make him sleep so he wouldn’t hurt so much.”

Evan looked very small and very pale. I was sorry he had hurt so much!  I also felt sorry I had been so naughty because I was bored.  Bored is better than hurting!



Then I saw something funny.  There was a light underneath the sheet at Evan’s feet.  Does a burst appendix make your feet light up?  I peeked under the sheet.  No, it was a pinchy thing with a light on it.  Grandma told me it was measuring Evan’s heart rate and other things.


We left Winkee on Evan’s bed.

“Try to make Evan feel better when he wakes up,” I told Winkee.

“I will,” Winkee said — and he gave me a wink.

We were traveling again, but I decided it wasn’t THAT boring.  We stopped at lots of places and made many new friends.  


I met a friend named Nick who had  a big horn when Grandpa preached at Portland Baptist Church in Plumerville. Nick helped Grandpa with his projector and helped carry things to the car.  I could tell everyone thought Nick was kind.

I met more friends at  Berean Baptist church in Springdale, Arkansas. 

Here is a picture of Bro. Banks and  Miss Tammie and their son, Seth.



I saw my friends Jeremiah, Justin, and Henry when we went by Oklahoma City.  And I was happy to meet Brother Jack Duplechain.  I didn’t like his dog Tiny very much, though.  I don’t like dogs!  They have such sharp teeth and I think I looked like a chew toy to Tiny.


I met Miss Pat.  She was nice and played a game with me — even if she is a grown-up.

I met her pastor, Bro. Meadows.


The next stop was the most fun yet. I’ll tell you about my firecracker adventure next time.

Your friend,


Hi Kids,

Yes, we almost lost Linkee that time.  I’m glad I noticed that he was missing before we went too far.  Sometimes Linkee is naughty.  Well, lots of the time he’s naughty!  When you love someone, though, you don’t give up on them.  You don’t give them away or leave them behind if they do something you don’t like.  

God loves us that way.  If we belong to Him, He promised to never leave us or forsake us.  That doesn’t mean He will ignore sin, but it means He will be patient and teach us to do better.  I’m glad!  

We are still traveling on.  Now we are in Colorado in a town called Winter Park. Linkee is way behind on his stories, but maybe he can catch up some this week.

By the way, our friend Evan is much better now.

I love you and miss you!


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