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9. Linkee and the Killer Goat

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Travel, travel, travel!  Sometimes it feels like we have been in the car forever!  Now we are in Bremerton, Washington, and we are having a good time with more grandkids, Sylvia and Jesse.  They have been lots of fun!

I will tell you about our adventures here — but there are lots of exciting things that I haven’t had time to write about. It’s hard to write when you are stuck in the car!  I haven’t even told you about the killer goat.

It happened early in our journeys.  After church camp and after visiting Amaw, we went further south in Texas and met some friends of Grandma and Grandpa.  They had just returned from India!  They are missionaries, too.  India is far away — just about as far away as Thailand.  The Horners love Jesus, like Grandma and Grandpa do, and want the people in that far away land to hear about Him.


I met new friends there — the grandchildren of the Bro. and Mrs. Horner.  Their names are Ryan, Brandon, Matthew and Jake.  I REALLY wanted them to like me.

“Can we show Linkee around?” Ryan asked. Ryan is the biggest brother.

show off Matthew2

“I think he would like to see the animals,” Brandon said.

Grandma said I could go with them, and we went out to see the animals.


“Let's show Linkee the turkey,”  Matthew said.  He  and Jake climbed up the fence almost as well as a monkey could do it.


But monkeys are better at climbing.  I scampered up the fence.  Wow — I didn’t know turkeys looked like that.  He was so big that he was kind of scary!

But I knew I was a good climber, so I wasn’t afraid.  I climbed around the fence and made noises at the turkey.  I guess I was showing off a little.

“Wow, you sure are brave, Linkee,” said Matthew.  That made me swing along the fence and show off even more.

“Linkee should see our goats,”  Jake said.


We went over to another pen. It was full of big mean-looking goats. One of them looked at me and showed his big teeth. I didn’t feel like climbing on THAT fence — but I had to. Otherwise my new friends might think I was a fraidy-cat.

I climbed up the fence — and before I got to the top, that goat came right up and almost got me with his big teeth.

“Oh, no!’ said Brandon “You have to watch those goats, Linkee.  They like to eat just about everything.  Even stuffed monkeys.”

But I had to show them that I was brave.  I got very close to the goat and chattered at him.  I jumped around on the fence, teasing that big old goat.

“Watch out, Linkee!”  Jake called.

I took a big jump, but missed the fence and fell right into the goat pen.  I scrambled up as fast as I could, but that big goat was right behind me, his mouth open and his big teeth ready to chomp on me.

“Jump, Linkee,” Ryan yelled.


He had climbed to the top of the fence and was holding out his arms to me.  I leaped into his arms and scrambled up to his shoulders.  Ryan rescued me!

The goat looked disappointed, but I was happy.  I did NOT want that goat to have monkey for lunch.

The rest of the time I just played with my friends.

I didn’t want to show off anymore.  I just hung around.

show off Jake
show off Jake

When Ryan showed me his kitten, I hardly even teased it.


The next day we said goodbye to the Horners and started off on our journeys again.  More exciting times were ahead. In fact, I’m going off to have more adventures right now.

Your friend,


Hi kids,

Do you think it is a good idea to be a show off?  Do people like show offs?  Usually not!  When kid want people to look at them and admire them all the time, they sometimes do dangerous and silly things.  The Bible tells us a better way to make friends. “He that hath friends must show himself friendly.”  (Proverbs 18:24)  That means that if you want to have friends, you have to act like a friend.  You can be kind and interested in the other person, not always trying to have your own way or to draw attention to yourself.  Just be the kind of person you would like to have for a friend.  Then you won’t need to show off.

I love you!


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