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14. Adventures with Friendship and Forgiving

I like Seattle! I had a good time there with my friends Jesse and Sylvia. Jesse and I are best buds and we went everywhere together.

One day we went to the movies. I had never been to a movie before. At first it scared me. It was so big and so loud!

“Don’t be afraid, Linkee,” Jesse said. “It’s just like cartoons on TV, only bigger.” Jesse held me tightly, so I sat down and watched the movie with him. I laughed and laughed at the movie. It was called “Inside Out.”

We went to the beach and looked for shells and sea glass. I didn’t find any, but that’s probably because I was too busy running and jumping and having fun.

But at the Fort Warden Park, our good times almost came to an end. At first it was lots of fun. We went in the bunkers where the army stored missiles and stuff.

It was dark in there, but I wasn’t afraid. I held tight to Jesse’s neck and we explored. Then Grandpa played robots with us. He pretended to be a robot and chased us. We laughed and laughed.

We went on a hike down a trail. We saw a big dog. I don’t like big dogs with big teeth.

“Don’t worry, Linkee,” Jesse said. “I won’t let the dog hurt you.”

We found some cherry trees! We climbed up to pick the berries.

“Hang on to me, Jesse,” I said “I want to reach over there to pick those pretty red cherries.”

“Okay, Linkee,” Jesse said. But as I reached for the cherries, something went wrong. Jesse dropped me! Down, down, down, I went, bouncing through the branches.

Ouch! It hurt! I finally grabbed a branch and held on. I climbed down the tree and Grandpa picked me up.

“I don’t like Jesse anymore,” I cried. “He dropped me and now I hurt.” My arm felt bruised and my leg was bleeding.

“I’m sorry, Linkee,” Jesse said. He looked sad. “I didn’t mean to drop you. When you stretched so far, I couldn’t hold you.”

“Well, I still hurt!” I said, rubbing my sore arm. “You aren’t my friend any more.”

Jesse looked like he wanted to cry. I wanted to cry, too. My leg was bleeding, and I’m scared when I see blood.

Grandpa took me on his knee. He washed my bleeding leg with water from his water bottle.

“Will it be okay?” I asked.

“Your leg will be fine,” Grandpa said. “See, it has already stopped bleeding. But you have hurt something else.”

“What? Is it my arm? Is something hurt on the inside?” I asked.

“No, Linkee,” he said. “You have hurt your special friendship with Jesse.”

“I didn’t hurt it. Jesse is the one who made me fall. He should have been more careful.”

“Yes,” Grandpa said. “But he is sorry. He didn’t mean to hurt you. Jesus tells us to forgive those who hurt us.”

“Well, I don’t want to forgive him,” I said. “I’m still mad.”

“That’s up to you, Linkee. But remember all the fun you had together? Think about all the times Jesse played with you and the times he kept you from being scared. Friendship is a precious thing. Jesse loves you. I think it is silly to throw away friendship and love just because someone accidentally hurt you.”

I thought about that. Now that my arm and leg weren’t hurting so much, I stopped being angry. Jesse is my good friend, and I know he didn’t mean to drop me. I ran over and gave him a hug.

“I forgive you, Jesse,” I said.

He smiled.

“Here are some cherries, Linkee,” he said.

“I saved the reddest ones for you.

After that we found a big field, just right for doing handstands. I did them the best of all, because monkeys are good at things like that. Sylvia stood on her hands, too.

We had lots more adventures on our visit. We went on the ferry to the city from Bremerton where Jesse lives. I liked riding on the big boat.

We went to a toy store and found my cousin, Pi. That’s short for Pirate, because Pi likes to dress like a pirate.

“Ahoy, Matey,” Pi said. “Don’t you worry. I will keep Jesse company while you are back in Thailand.”

I gave Jesse a hug goodbye. I will miss him, but I can talk to him on Skype. I will be seeing him soon.

Grandpa was right. It’s silly to stay mad – especially when your friend is sorry. We would have missed out on so much fun! I’m glad that Jesse and I are still best buds.

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