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Urgent Request

Prayer request time — and a note for all who asked me to relay specific needs.  My last blog told of a little boy from Burma who was so very sick. Besides a throat and ear infection, he has a rectocele, which means part of his rectum, about the size of a baseball, is protruding outside his body.  It’s a time bomb. At any moment it can burst and he will die. And it will burst, sooner or later.

Arrangements to have the boy seen by a doctor in Maesai on the border fell through. After a busy day, Anond left Wednesday evening and drove through the night to get the boy and his family and bring them to the hospital in Chiang Mai.  There is a plan at the hospital where indigent people can be treated at a lower cost.  The life-giving surgery for this boy would be a few hundred dollars.

The doctors there agreed that the situation is urgent, but the line for free or inexpensive medical care is long for those who are not citizens.  It would be at least two months before he could have the surgery.  He could easily die in those two months.

We all agreed that we should pay for the doctors to see him immediately.  The surgery would have been today, but he now has malaria. Please pray for him, that he would be able to have the surgery soon and that it will be successful.

And for those who asked to be told how they can give — here is an opportunity. The money for the surgery will come out of the Thailand mission fund, but if you would like to be a part of saving this child, you can send a donation to help defray the cost.  The doctor’s bill will be $1300.  We don’t know what the hospital, medicines, and other costs will entail.  If you would like to help, you can send a donation to Central Baptist Church. The address is PO Box 876, Grenada, MS.

Just make a note that the donation is for the boy’s operation, and the money will go to that need.

I don’t know about you, but I often see the commercials about helping children in need around the world, and I wonder how much money actually gets to those suffering children.  How I longed to do something that actually mattered to make life better for those who are hurting!  I’m sure there are many readers who feel the same. Here is an opportunity to do just that.

The boy’s story is a sad one.  His family consists of his grandmother, mother, and baby sister.  His father departed long ago, and the baby’s father recently took the family motorcycle and left. The mother has no way of earning an income and is destitute. I believe she is a member of one of the churches in Burma.

Thanks for your prayers, and your concern for these poor people who are so precious to our Lord!

Blessings from Thailand,


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