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  • Susan Brown

True Treasures

I ran up the steps, panting and struggling to hang onto the armful of red heart-shaped balloons.

“Hurry up,” I called back to the teens straggling behind me. “She’s already here and we aren’t set up yet.”

“I knew we should have gotten here earlier,” I muttered.

I rounded the corner and stopped in dismay. Another l-o-n-g flight of steps led past the beautiful flowers and lush foliage…up and up and up.

We were at Bhuphing Palace on Saturday for a special occasion. Our good friend, Rusty Van Der Net, asked our help in preparing a surprise proposal. We had fun making up clues to a “treasure hunt” that led all through the stunning gardens at the palace. Verses from Song of Solomon gave hints to the next destination where one of our kids was stationed with a red heart balloon and yet another clue from that most romantic of Bible books.

The trouble was that we had a late start and they arrived early. I still had several kids and clues to place and the palace grounds were immense. I definitely should have worn my running shoes.

We made it up the steps and jogged around the reservoir, the dining pavilion, and, finally, the Queen’s palace, dropping kids with clues off all along the way. Then I only had to race back to the entrance and greet the soon-to-be engaged young lady.   My well-known lack of directional sense led me on a couple of detours as I turned the wrong way, but I’m not ashamed to ask for directions and kept running. In due time I arrived back at the gate.

A charming young lady met me there and enthusiastically entered into the “treasure hunt.” I trailed behind her to make sure our clever clues were not too obscure for her. I certainly made my quota of steps that day!

Unlike Rusty, Ellie is shy and not comfortable in the public spotlight – so I’ll wait and introduce you when we are a bit better acquainted. For now I’ll just say that she is a lovely lady whose faith in the Lord and love of the truth drew Rusty to her. We are happy for both of them!

The newly engaged couple joined us on Sunday as we traveled to the village of Hoi La Bong.

We really feel the lack of a full time translator/interpreter. Please pray with us about this need.

We had a good service, although several of us couldn’t understand the preaching, (which was in Lahu). Afterwards we had our tailgate clinic and headed back home.

Paul left today for another week of preachers’ training. I’m glad Kimmy is here to help me with the kids and the multitude of things that crop up when Paul is gone. She’s a huge help to me!

Please pray for God’s continued blessing this week for Paul and for the men. We are so happy to have this opportunity to see the Gospel and sound doctrine spread throughout the mountains of Thailand and Myanmar. What a privilege to be here! God is good.

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