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  • Susan Brown

Toothaches and Earthquakes

The raging storm beat against the house with fury. The wind was so strong the whole house shook and swayed. The drapes swung back and forth, even though the windows were closed and my bed shook beneath me.

Could the wind blow our mountaintop house down?

It was just after midnight, and I had just dropped off to sleep. It’s always hard to sleep when Paul is gone, and he was in Chiang Mai that night. The rocking house woke me up. The storm continued unabated, but the shaking stopped. Perhaps it was an earthquake!

It was hard to go back to sleep in my second-floor bedroom, thinking about our house falling down. I’m eager for Heaven, but the process of getting there might be painful if the building came crashing to the ground.

In the morning we heard the news. It was, indeed, an earthquake. It was a 5.9 at the epicenter in Myanmar. I don’t know how strong it was here – but strong enough! We are thankful for God’s hand of protection on us.

In other news, Covid restrictions and fear of Covid are receding. I don’t really know which of the two have made the most difference in our freedom level. We have finally been able to get on a regular schedule for Preachers’ Training. What a blessing! Several new pastors have been coming to study with Paul. We have been invited to their villages and we look forward to getting acquainted with these new groups.

Meanwhile, our daily ministry with our guys continues and God keeps blessing. We have several who already feel God is calling them to preach. Paul teaches a theology class for them. He also teaches a New Testament survey class for all the students every afternoon. I have three levels of English classes and teach while Denise, Wichai, and Moses handle the Learning Center. Three of our four new guys have found learning to read and write English a challenge. I’m glad to say they are overcoming their initial difficulties and doing well.

Four of our boys never learned to read Thai because they had no schools, or no adequate ones, in their villages. Mali has a class for them every afternoon. Since they live in Thailand, they really do need to learn to read and write Thai!

Paul has had a painful jaw for a while. He’s been to the dentist repeatedly, but none of them could figure out what was wrong. They finally decided (with input from our dentist son-in-law in America) to do a root canal. He’s had the first part done and will go back in a week to have it completed. Please pray that the procedure will take care of the problem.

We are thankful Paul was able to get his visa renewed for another year. Now mine is coming up. I have to go to Chiang Mai after preachers’ training to get the process going with a visit to Social Services. We are so glad we have our faithful secretary, Pann, who takes care of all the legalities of keeping us here in Thailand.

Other than earthquakes and toothaches, we have had little excitement. Just the daily joy of serving the Lord by serving the people here and sharing the Gospel at every opportunity. He is good – and life here is good! Thanks for your support and prayers that keep us here and that keep the ministry going.

Last month's Preachers' Training. July training is coming up next week.

July birthdays. From left: Eric (16), Noah (15), David (18) and Patty (25)

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