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Thanksgiving at Pa Saak 2

I shifted uncomfortably on the bamboo floor and wondered what would happen to my petrified limbs when I tried to stand up again. At least I managed to sit cross-legged for the duration of the meal – something I hadn’t managed before.

It was Thanksgiving again, this time in Pa Saak 2. It was Monday and our children were in school, so only Paul, Lek, Asa, Ika and I followed the winding road to the village.

Paul drove the truck up the crazy-steep and rutted path to the church building on the top of the mountain. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I always did when we made it to the top.

Pastor Guido greeted us, as did our many friends in the village. Guido beat on the car wheel, which does duty as a bell, to announce that services were ready to start. The people started climbing the hill by twos and threes. Soon the building was full.

Because it was a weekday, not as many other churches came.  The number of specials was smaller, but Paul’s message was as touching and relevant as the ones he preached to the larger crowds.

Then lunch at Guido’s house, prepared by the church ladies. I have to confess that I thought more about my legs and feet, which had fallen asleep in their criss-cross applesauce position, than I did the food. At last, though, the meal was over and it was time for medicine. I managed to lumbar to my feet, although it was not a graceful spectacle.

We set up our clinic on the tailgate of the truck. Doing medicine went quickly and the distribution of hats was much more orderly than at the last village. Paul gave them out to children who came through the line for medicine. Since most kids were in school, we didn’t have many.

Back down the mountain again and home in time to greet our kids as they came home from school.

Paul left the next day for Mae Ai and preacher training – this time for the Thailand preachers. It’s always a challenge when he is gone, and we all miss him. Please continue to pray for a permanent home where he can teach the preachers and we can raise the children at the same spot.

Wednesday here was Tuesday night in America – the end of election day. I spent it glued to my computer watching election results. We are praying for wisdom for our new president and for wise men to counsel him. Judging from my Facebook feed, there is a real need for unity now, and we are praying for our country.

Thursday I ventured out to see if I could get by song tau – the public transportation here –to the building where Thai classes are held. I did get there and back with only accidentally ringing the bell to stop at the wrong place once. I’m seriously considering taking another Thai course starting next week now that I know that it is possible to get there.

Paul is home today and we shopped for food (a big job when you have a houseful of growing young teens) and ran errands. Tomorrow we head to another Thanksgiving in the village of Canaan. It is impossible to get to by car when it has been raining, so we will have to hike in if it is as wet there as it is here. It should, at least, make for a more interesting blog.

Since my blog is about our work and activities, they are not all going to be riveting – because serving the Lord is not always exciting. But it is always a privilege. He is good!

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