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  • Susan Brown

Testing Our New Gizmo

And our Internet saga continues!  This is a test post to see if our signal from the little gizmo we bought will be sufficient for posting blogs.  I have a nice long one written — full of pictures.  Unfortunately, the pictures take FOREVER to load.  I gave up and I’m trying a simple, sample post.  I am sitting out in front of the Bible school building where we have our one-room apartment in hopes that it might connect better outside. Brr. I’m cold!  It does get cool here in the night and early morning!  By the way, Sherwood ladies, I saw the quilts you made for the kids on the clothes line the other day.  They also are still wearing the t-shirts you made several years ago.

Here goes — we’ll see how long it takes this to get there!

Blessings from Thailand,


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