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Sunday at Pa Sak #2

The cool water splashed over my hands into the black bucket at my feet.  The wizened elderly woman holding the pop bottle of water gave me a toothless grin and bowed.  She passed the bucket to the next person in line — a young man.  Once again the bucket and bottles of water passed to Bro. Camp, Mrs. Camp, Paul and then me.  It was a special hand-washing ceremony to give honor to us at the church in Pa Sak #2.

This church, unlike those we visited the last two Sundays, has a good pastor. Joshua is twenty-eight years old and seems dedicated to serving God in this church on top of a mountain.  They have a good-sized group  and the service was a blessing.  Joshua’s lovely young wife is a good singer and she leads the teenage girls of the church in songs with traditional La Hu motions. They did three of these songs for us before Bro. Camp preached.

After the service, the church members brought food for us — and sat watching us eat it.  We had the special La Hu meal: grilled pork, rice, cooked greens, and fresh fruit.

After the meal came the ceremony.  They particularly wanted to honor Bro. Camp for his  many years of service to them.

A long ride home and an evening with the children — and another Sunday in Thailand ends.

Blessings from Thailand,


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