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Safe Arrival and New Prayer Requests

Dear Brethren,

The Lord is merciful and gracious, longsuffering and full of compassion. We thank the Lord for a safe journey, and even with larger seats and more leg room. We arrived to the motel a little after midnight yesterday.

We are staying in the Centara Hotel until Saturday. It was strange that I could not sleep after such a long journey.

Brother Anond and the Lees took us shopping for a bed yesterday morning. In the afternoon we went out to get the two office rooms ready for the furniture we bought. What a joy to see the children! I think it was very mutual. They helped us clean and get things ready. When we arrived back at the hotel last night a little after 7 I fell on the bed with my clothes on and was out until a little after midnight. But … then I was wide awake. It was a good time to read and pray about the ministry that was before us.

Today we are supposed to have the bed delivered. Susan is eager to get things set up. Bro. Bill and I are going shopping for a pickup this afternoon if things work out. We are planning on having training for the children’s home workers on Saturday, preach at Na Hui Baptist Church on Sunday, meet with some from Myanmar on the northern border in Chaing Rai on Monday. Some in this area have mentioned the possibility of giving us some land for a second Preachers’ school for those in Myanmar, Laos, and northern China. Then on Tuesday we plan to go to an Akha village to meet some new “brethren”. Continue to pray much for us. We are excited about what the Lord may do! Who are we that the Lord should use such unworthy vessels? But… “here we are Lord, please use us we pray!”

Prayer Requests: (1) Continued oneness of heart for Brother Anond and me. (2) The Lord’s presence and power in preaching in the churches, the prisons and in the animist villages during the harvest festivals. (3) Wisdom and direction for training the preachers. (4) Men who have a heart to “for Christ count everything but loss”, who will trust Him with all their hearts, and give their lives for His sheep. (5) The right house parents for the children’s home. (6) Blessing on the training for the workers at the children’s home. (7) Language skills for Susan and me. (8) Internet service so we can communicate. (9) The right pickup! May the Lord bless you!

Brother Paul

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