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Prayer Letter - January 2020

“I rejoice at Thy Word, as one that findeth great spoil.” (Psalm 119:162) It was such a joy to gather with a group of men who had such a heart as this! Their hunger and attentiveness to God’s Word was so obvious.

We had a number of new men with us, mainly from the LiSu tribe. One young LiSu preacher particularly caught my attention. He spoke fairly good English as he had had some training at the J. O. Frazer Training Center. He was taking notes continually in every class as well asking questions. All of you know that my heart’s desire it what the Apostle Paul said to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:2. “… to teach faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.” When the Lord opens our eyes and understanding to the glorious sound doctrines of His Holy Word how can we not desire that God would bless others with these same truths! And this is my prayer that each of these men would “study to show themselves approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed; rightly dividing the Word of Truth; that they would see these truths in their hearts and hold them as their own. (2 Timothy 2:15), and then preach and teach them!

We thank the Lord for a new open door to teach preachers in Myanmar one week each month. The group I teach would include the ones that now travel into Thailand plus a number of other preachers who are not able to get here. Also I have had invitation to now legally travel more into the interior of Myanmar and preach.

Pray about these needs concerning our facilities:

1) The finishing of our ministry building;

2) The needed transformer and electric poles for sufficient electricity (we must pay for these here in Thailand and these are not cheap) and for the water tower;

3) The funds needed for our boys’ dorm with the preachers’ sleeping area;

The children are doing well. All of them now speak, read and write very well in English thanks to Susan.

It is a joy to see how the Lord is using Susan to teach some of the local hill tribe young people who are so far behind to get an education and to learn God’s Word.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your sacrificial support. May the Lord bless you!

For Christ count everything but loss….

Bro. Paul

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