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  • Susan Brown

Glamorous and Exciting? Not Always.

“Grandma, this shoe not good.”

Andy held up his school shoe, which certainly didn’t look so hot, with holes in the canvas sides and scuffs on the toes.

“Little,” he added.

The kids are back now from their three week school break which they spent with relatives in the mountains. We feel it’s important that they not forget their families, their culture, and their native language, so we send them back to the mountain villages when they are out of school.

It seems like they all grew while they were gone. There’s no doubt they have hit a growth spurt and have outgrown clothes and shoes. It also seems like everything they own is suddenly worn out. Massive shopping trips were in order.

Some days in the ministry are exciting with travel to exotic places and great opportunities to minister. Other times serving God, for me, means cleaning out the kids’ dresser drawers and figuring out what clothes they need. It means shopping with four pre-teens in tow and buying new shirts and pants and package after package of socks and underwear.

Yesterday Paul and I visited the school uniform store and bought three pairs of school shoes, all two sizes bigger than the last set. All three younger boys wear the same size in just about everything – although Bang is quickly shooting up ahead of the others. The clerk called two different people over to hear me say, “I want THREE pairs of size 39.” I said it in both English and Thai (with gestures) – but he just didn’t think that could be right!

Serving God means doing what He calls us to do – whether that involves things we enjoy or things that are a hassle. It means learning the language and cleaning the house (including cleaning up after geckos). Sometimes it means making preparations for classes no one shows up to hear. It involves shopping and ironing and sewing on buttons. God cares about our obedience and faithfulness at doing the tasks He call us to do – not our abilities or performance.

Exciting or mundane, we are thankful to be serving here in Thailand! And we are thankful for those who make it possible for us to be here. It was the offerings of brothers and sisters from home who bought the shoes, clothes, and underwear for these kids.

We have the privilege of being on the spot to serve – but every one of you who gives and who faithfully prays for us is serving right along with us. We thank God for you!

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