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Friday — and the First Week Complete

Hard to believe, but our first week of Bible school is complete!  The students are gradually arriving.  We had about 20 yesterday.  Anond videotaped the first weeks’ lessons so the latecomers can catch up.  I’m glad, since the teaching has been so good. (I can hear it from the next room where I write and work.)   The students respond and are very attentive.

Some of the older boys from the children’s home were out of school, so they joined the group, too.  I had four of them in my beginner’s English class, which livened things up considerably.

I brought a calendar that son Paul and family gave us with their pictures on it and used that to teach family words — husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, etc.  Afterwards, I used it to learn La Hu words.  Philips wife, Fon, (like telephone) tried her best to teach me, but it was a challenge since she speaks no English.  Interesting that there is no word for “son” or “daughter” in La Hu.  Only girl or boy.  There are apparently no words for father or mother, either.  However, there are specific words for “older sister” and “younger sister” and “older brother” and “younger brother.”

Fon may be the one I prayed for — a woman to work with me who can learn English and who can teach me La Hu.  Fon also speaks Thai.  She and Philip have four children, ranging from 8 to 18.  They are from Burma and have been living farther south in Thailand.  Now they purchased a piece of property near the children’s home and are camping out there until they can build a house.

Actually, my most successful English students may be Arlong and Samuel, the three-year-olds.  They are already picking up the words in “Five Little Monkeys,” “Brown Bear, Brown Bear,” and “Meet the Animals on the Farm.”  Of course, I’ve read the books to them a dozen times already, since those are the only children’s books I have here.  It’s sweet that when they hear my voice they come running and, each taking a hand, lead me over to the bench where I read to them. They will sit there as long as I read to them, never seeming to tire of it.

Anond has also adopted baby Grace, who is about 18 months old.  She is a very determined little lady.  The boys were playing nicely with my iPhone, taking turns on a game.  She grabbed it, and it took me forever to get it back.  And was she ever mad at me!  I’ll have to bring her something to get back in her good graces.  She is a cutie, too.

You may wonder why a busy man like Anond who has no wife would adopt children.  He explained, “If I not take, they raise in Buddha monastery.  I think of Jesus and I have to take them, teach them about Jesus.”   Maybe someday we can have facilities and staff for babies at the children’s home.  Anond can’t adopt them all!

It’s so hard to see these unwanted babies, when I know so many people who would give anything to have them.  It is almost impossible to adopt from Thailand, though.  There is such a problem with pedophilia and human trafficking that they just closed down adoptions rather than try to separate the good families from the predators. This area of Thailand is known worldwide for its child prostitution.  That’s one big reason the children’s home is so important — to have a safe place for children without parents.

Today is International Children’s Day and all the attractions are free to children.  I’m going with Anond to take the kids from the home to the big flower show.  It’s a huge event, with elaborate floral displays from countries around the world.  They are going to a special children’s fair this evening, but I doubt I’ll be up to two outings in one day.

Answers to Prayer:

My jet lag was very much improved yesterday and I went to bed and got up at a reasonable time. Thanks for praying for me!

Prayer Requests:

(From Paul) For the students — that they may be able to see the worthiness of Christ and give themselves to study and to be faithful as servants in the Lord’s kingdom. To be a blessing to the Lord’s people.  There is a great need for leadership and for men who will not be deterred by all that is offered in the world.

(From me) For the outing with the children today.  I really want to get acquainted with them and to be a blessing to them.

Blessings from Thailand,


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