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First Day of Bible School

First day of Bible school — and I have to say it was somewhat of an anticlimax.  We had ten students there, including two new young men.  One is from the Maung tribe and one from the Akha tribe.  We expected many more than that, but they haven’t yet arrived.  It’s the new year. I know, It’s January 9, but their celebrations go on for a long time.  And their celebrations are important to them.  Add to that the fact that the villages take turns with their celebrations instead of having them at the same time, and you have a long stretch when people don’t show up.

Anond says that about 15 more are coming today and he thinks we will have 30 or so altogether.  Yesterday was just orientation and we ended early, so we hope today to see more progress.  I still don’t know if I will have a group to teach or how many I will have.  I guess I’ll find out today.

There was one exciting development.  We figured out ways and means and decided we can move to the mission compound as soon as possible.  We will have one room — Bro. Camp’s office which he has graciously yielded to us.  It won’t be commodious, but we think it will be possible.  We just need a bed — or perhaps an inflatable mattress for the floor.  And a refrigerator.  We have a hot plate and I’m planning on buying a few kitchen things.

The most challenging thing will probably be the shower.  There is a drain hole in the bathroom floor, but no shower.   Anond thinks we can rig one up, but until then we can bathe the way they do here.  They pour the water over themselves from a gourd-shaped container.  Then they squeegie the water down the drain.

I figure that we have electricity, a roof, and running water.  That’s more than most of the people we minister to have. And lots of people live that way in a tent, just for fun.  I think we can do it — but prayers appreciated!

We are looking forward to meeting more of our students today.  Please pray that we will be a blessing to them.


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