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Curtains! Foiled Again!

Well, I didn’t make curtains for our room today, because:

1. I could not figure out how to fill the bobbin on the treadle sewing machine.

2. I dropped the only filled bobbin into the machine when I was trying to load it and could not get it out, although four people stood at my shoulders watching and helpfully offering advice in a language I could not understand.

3. The partially filled bobbin with old white thread would not fit in the bobbin case.  I ended up dropping it inside the machine, too. I gave up until Anond’s sister, Ma Ta, could show me how to do it.

4. In the meantime, when I went to press up the hem and casing of the curtain, I found that the iron (stored behind the clothes rack) was crawling with ants — inside and out.  They were even swimming around in the steam reservoir.   Disgusting.

5.When I moved the clothes rack to make sure there were no more ants, it broke and fell down — wrinkling the clothes. Too bad. I’m not ironing them.

After serious consideration, I have decided  to go to Makro and buy some curtains.  I WILL be Mary.  I WILL be Mary.  (If that doesn’t make sense to you, please refer to previous post “Lizard Lessons.”)

On a more positive note — and a more important subject — the men continue to come faithfully to the Preacher’s school and are a responsive group.  Bro. Camp and Paul are teaching them slowly and methodically and making sure the men grasp the important concepts they are presenting.  The guys participate and ask questions, so we think they are learning and progressing.

In the middle of English class with the children tonight, a storm blew up. I let them out early and Paul ran with them back to the dorms.  Did it ever pour!  It is still pouring as I write.  Paul just came in looking like a drowned rat, but he said he got the children back before the worst hit.  It’s the dry season and rarely rains like this before summer.  This is the second heavy rain in two days!  We have never been here when it rained before, so this is a new experience for us.

Blessings from Thailand,


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