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Blessings and Answered Prayers

“Goodbye, Alligator!” they called.

“That’s ‘See you later, Alligator,’” I called back. Shouldn’t have attempted to teach them that, I guess. Nothing like being called an alligator on a rainy Monday morning.

The kids are off to school, a massive amount of laundry is ready to wash, and I have a few minutes before the daily round of cleaning and errands start. I particularly wanted to get a blog out to you today, because I have good news.


When the temperature in the meeting room has consistently shot over 100 degrees, that’s big news, indeed. The landlord finished the installation on Saturday and we were pleasantly cool on Sunday. What a blessing!

The Bible/English camp we had here when the kids were out of school continues to bear fruit. We had thirteen kids in Sunday school yesterday. Six were from our camp and one was a friend that came along with the others. It’s an incredible privilege to be the first person to teach Bible stories and songs to these kids. They are Buddhist and have never heard anything about God before. Please pray with me that the Lord will open their hearts and save these kids.

We didn’t have many new adult return visitors from the last couple of weeks. We did have our regular visitors, though. Manut, the Buddhist man who has been an invaluable help to us in everything from fixing our plumbing to filing our papers with the government, continues to come faithfully. Eve, the new Christian student teacher at the kids’ school, was there again, too. She has been coming every day to have language lessons with me. I teach her English and she helps me with Thai. She wants to study the Bible with me, but we have to reach a common language first. Brother Sumatra was gone to a conference in Singapore, but we enjoyed having his son Jay visit with us, along with his wife Priscila and daughter Joanna who are here faithfully every week.

The service was great, as usual. Paul is particularly good at adjusting his messages to his listeners. Most of this group has minimal knowledge of the Bible, so he keeps it simple, but always has a potent message. Even the kids are attentive. I have to say with our comfort level being so much higher, everyone paid a good bit more attention yesterday than usual.

Paul and the guys left after lunch to travel to Long Koad, a mountain village where the Lahu people are still having trouble with A.  Three families who follow him have the church building and shut out the others. Four families meet in a house. Paul preached and encouraged them. The villages have one-by-one been escaping the clutches of that wicked man, and this one will soon be free, too, we hope.

Thanks for your prayers!


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