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An Unexpected Day

Were you looking for pictures of the children at the flower show?  Sorry!  Some days don’t follow my plan — but they all follow God’s plan, so that’s okay.

I was up and ready to go by 8 a.m., waiting for Anond to pick me up to join the kids at the International Flower Show.  At 9 he called, full of apologies.  The second taxi they hired to take the children didn’t arrive. They were still waiting on it, but it would be another hour or so.

I might add here that the mission has a taxi driver on retainer. So Pic takes the kids to school every day in his “taxi” which is actually an old red pickup with bench seats in the back.  He also runs errands, picking up propane bottles for the stoves in the kitchen and various other necessary things.  For school he squeezes everybody in — the biggest kids riding on the bumper and hanging on the back.  For this trip, though, with the smaller children and the adults who went along to supervise the group, they needed a backup taxi.

An hour came and went and still no Anond.  At length I got another apologetic call. Some church members were sick and had come to him for medicine.  That’s another aspect of the mission here.  Most of the hill tribes people can’t afford medical or dental care.  What our church members get is provided by Anond.  He’s not a doctor and has no formal training. However, he has assisted and translated for medical mission teams who come once or twice a year to minister to the people, and has picked up enough to treat simple maladies.  Most common medicines, like antibiotics, anti-diarrheal meds, etc., are available without a prescription.  He keeps a supply of these to treat those who have no other medical options.

By then it was so late that I assured him he didn’t need to come pick me up — the show would be almost over before we got there.  Of course, my outing wasn’t at all important — certainly not to be compared to sick people getting the help they needed. I really was just going to help supervise the kids and to get better acquainted with them.  By the time I found out I wasn’t going, it was too late to go shopping at the day market.  I spent the day packing and planning for our move to the mission Monday.

Paul, of course, was planning on spending the day studying and preparing, so his day was on schedule.

So — I tried out my new cooking gadget.  It is called an electric teppanyaki and steamboat.  You can grill your meat and cook your veggies at the same time.  It worked pretty well, although I scorched the mixed vegetables a bit.  It will be handy for the mission, since I won’t have a stove or oven.  The picture shows it sitting on the stove, but that’s only because here in the condo there is no cabinet space close enough to an outlet to plug it in. The stove wasn’t on.

Today we are heading out to Pa Sak #1.  It is the largest of the churches, pastored by Ja Shaw.  He’s a colorful and outgoing guy who is one of the more mature pastors.  We’re looking forward to worshipping with them today. Paul will be preaching. Anond’s truck was not ready as promised, so we will be making the trip in the rental car.  There is really not enough room in the back seat for three, so Mrs. Camp graciously offered to stay home today.  We know that the long trips are hard on her legs with her health problems, so we accepted the offer.

The trips between the mission and the condo in the tiny car have been a challenge.  Paul and I have to take turns sitting on the edge for the 40 minute ride because there is not room for Bro. Camp, Paul and I to all sit on the seat.  I’ve been remembering the missionary story I told the kids back home, though.  Thinking of Mary Slessor’s canoe trips and long hikes through the jungle makes me NOT feel like complaining about slight discomfort for a few minutes!

Today we will be comfortable on the way to Pa Sak #1, and Anond’s truck is now promised for Tuesday.  So Pic will move our stuff with his taxi after the kids are in school Monday.

Prayer Requests:

For the services today — that Christians might be encouraged and the lost might be saved.

For Bro. Anond as he translates — that he might be able to do it accurately and smoothly.

For protection for our health as we eat in the village today.  Their sanitation standards are not the ones our bodies are accustomed to!

Blessings from Thailand,


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