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About That Flying Snake….

A flying snake – I never saw such a thing, even here in Thailand. I slowed my run to a walk and wiped the rivers of sweat from eyes onto my already-soaked t-shirt. Running in the rainy season has its challenges. The humidity is so thick that it feels as if you are running while wrapped in a wet blanket.

I shaded my eyes against the sun and looked again. Yes, there it was – it’s snaky body about eight inches long, held aloft by a small pair of madly-beating wings. I kept staring with my near-sighted eyes and let out a disappointed sigh. It was only a little bird carrying off one of the jumbo worms that I regularly dodge when I run after the rains. But it was still quite a sight. The worm was as big as the bird. You could almost feel the effort the little creature put out to keep that worm in the air. At times it dipped lower toward the ground as if the weight was too much for its small frame. But then it would gather its strength and rise again.

There’s a moral to that picture. How did that tiny bird manage to haul that big fat worm into the air? Obviously, she really wanted it! No doubt she had hungry babies at home in the nest.

I thought of several big projects I really want to do – and believe the Lord would have me do. Like editing my through-the-Bible Sunday School series and putting it in publishing format. With eBooks and print-on-demand, self-publishing is doable. I think a book of ready-to-teach stories which point kids to the sovereign grace of our wonderful God and show them how to apply Bible truths to their lives would be a help to many – like Sunday School teachers, homeschool moms, and parents wanting something easy, but significant, for family devotions.. But it’s too big a project and I don’t have time. Unless I REALLY want to do it!

The same is true of so many things in life. No time for Bible study? There is if you are hungry. No time for making memories with the kids or serving in the church? It depends on how much you want it.

And, unlike the poor little struggling bird, we have a mighty God who gives the grace to do what He calls us to do. That doesn’t mean it is always easy. I think it means more to Him when we do it in spite of the struggle because we really want it – because we love Him.

I mused on these thoughts as Moses and I continued our run through the thick heat and back to the house. Moses is our newest boy. He’s 18 and a promising student. He is studying English with me four days a week and goes to informal school on Thursdays. It’s mainly because of him that I am keeping up my running schedule. He’s a mountain boy, and like the other kids who grow up in the mountain villages, he is very fit. That often changes when kids move to the city. Instead of racing up steep slopes and climbing trees they plant themselves in front of the tv or the computer. They lose their fit, lean bodies and become soft. I don’t want that to happen to Moses, so I’m running with him.

I’ve also rationed screen time for the other kids. When they don’t have an iPad or computer to play with, they go outside and play soccer or ping pong or basketball. It’s hard being the “mean mom,” but someday they’ll thank me. Or not. But it’s still the right thing to do.

This week I have several prayer requests for our faithful prayer warriors.

We are looking for property, but so far have not found anything we can afford. The good news is that the Lord, through one of His churches, provided a donation that doubled our building fund.  He is good — and we appreciate the givers! Please continue to pray with us about this need.

The girl we accepted did not work out and had to go home, so we have one open spot. We really need another girl! Please pray the Lord will send us the one He knows we need – and who needs us.

Also our cook, I’ka, and her husband Asa were in a motorcycle wreck. They are both pretty banged up and I’ka spent a day at

the hospital. Please pray with us for their recovery. And for me as I try to feed these kids who do NOT like American food, which is all I know how to cook. Molly and Preston both like to cook so are on kitchen detail this weekend.

Another major request — Molly can be part of our homeschool next year, if she passes a test that allows her to skip fifth grade this year and go right into sixth. (A Thai requirement.) If she doesn’t pass, our plans may be set back another year. She is studying hard. Please pray that she can do it.

Paul’s new interpreter, Idonkhom, is a blessing and wonderful addition to our team. However, he is part time, still working another job. He is also Paul’s age, but doesn’t have Paul’s energy level. Please pray for him that he will be able to keep up with the demands of preachers’ training next week – and that the Lord might send another part-time interpreter to help him.

Preachers’ training will be in a new facility next week. Many things will be different as Paul will not be working with Lek or Lek’s father, Moses. Please pray the week will go smoothly and that the preachers will come ready to learn and leave excited and prepared to preach.

And, incidentally, I would appreciate prayers that I can carry off my giant worm!

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