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  • Susan Brown

The Sky is Falling — Or Something

The house shook as the impact struck it with a roar. A truck had run off the road and hit our house – I was sure of it. I ran to the window. No truck. The neighborhood houses dozed in the silent hot sunshine, just as they do every afternoon. I ran out the back door and around to the front of the house. Everything looked fine. What happened? Earthquake? Explosion on the next street over? I couldn’t guess.

Since I was outside anyway, I decided it was high time to hang out the clothes before the next rain squall came through.   And I saw it.

The carport was falling off the house. The explosive crack came from the bolts breaking and the roof falling away. The pillars were bowing in an effort to hold up the structure without the support of the house. It looked like it was ready to crumble at a moment’s notice.

Something always breaks when Paul is away in Mae Ai for preachers’

training, but this set a new record. We’ve had plumbing malfunctions, leaks, and appliance breakages – but this was the first time the house itself fell apart!

That was last week. Today the landlady finally sent a repairman – they call them technicians here – to check out the damage. They consulted and gave the verdict. The whole thing was too damaged to repair. She decided to have the carport torn off and not replaced. Tonight we have to move the washing machine, the drying racks, and the bicycles and have the carport ready for its final demise starting tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to the process. No doubt we’ll have dirt and dust everywhere for days. We also won’t have a covered area for the washing machine and drying racks anymore. Oh, well. At least rainy season is almost over. We are hoping that before the torrential rains come again we will be settling down on our own property. We have no leads or prospects, but are trusting the Lord will show us where it is in His timing.

As for other events – we traveled to Hoe La Bong for church services on Sunday.

“Hello. Thank you!” Pastor Yacob called to me as we arrived at the bright pink church. He had struggled to learn the dialogue for English class back when I was able to travel to Mae Ai with Paul. (Hello, how are you? Fine, thank you. How are you?) He at least remembered a part it.

We had a good service, followed by an unusually good lunch of fried chicken and fresh fruit. I have to say, a

visit to the pastor’s home put our house troubles in perspective! Then we did medicine and headed back home.

Other than the house falling apart, it has been a quiet week. Paul has spent hours every day preparing for his classes, as usual. He also had the opportunity of speaking and showing slides in Alaska today – via Skype.

I’ve been busy keeping up with the kids (just doing laundry for ten people every day is no joke) and preparing for English class. I spend hours coloring, cutting, and laminating. It’s certainly going to be a snap to teach the next time around when all I have to do is pull the pictures from the files.

But we are well and happy and privileged to serve the Lord here in Thailand. Although the heavens – or the carports – fall, He is with us. And He is good!

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