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Settling In and On the Move

The last morning in the hotel — and the last exotic breakfast eaten.  I had egg noodles with chicken, ear mushrooms with egg, pan roasted cherry tomatoes encrusted with herbs, and a couple of things I failed to identify.  Today is the big day — we move out to our new home.

The furniture arrived yesterday.  Paul and I spent an exhausting day going through the things we left behind in March, all the things the Camps left for us, and all the things we brought with us.  We scrubbed and washed and sorted and found a place for almost everything, although we did have a sizable pile of goods that we gave to Bro. Anond.  He never lets anything go to waste.

I have a picture of our little house, but can’t sync my iPad with my laptop, so am unable to send it.  Probably some setting is turned off, but I can’t figure out what it is.  If any Mac-user friends want to give me some clues, it would be much appreciated!

We had church service in the evening. It was so good to see many of our friends and to hear their voices raised in song.  As always, they sang about ten songs. Some hymns we recognized, some not, but we recognized the same love for the Lord. This church holds services in the Bible school room, so we are even closer to the “church” than when we lived next door at Sherwood.

After church, Bro. Anond took us back to the hotel, wiped out with exhaustion, but happy with our accomplishments.  We fell asleep immediately, but Paul woke at 3 a.m. again, as he has been doing each day. He has a persistent headache, which may be due to sinus issues, but may also be due to lack of sleep. Please pray that he would be able to sleep and to get relief.

Today is a big day at the mission compound.  Bro. Ricky Cash and Sister Janice Lee will hold a basic first-aid training for the village people. Representatives from each of the churches will be there, so I am looking forward to seeing more friends.  I hope to absorb some of the training, too.

Today is also the day the guys will make the final negotiations for the truck. Please pray that will go well.

Sunday we will be at the village of Na Hui for services.  On Monday we will go north to an Akha village near Chiang Rai where Bro. Ricky and Sister Janice will “do medicine.”  We will spend the night in the city and go the next day to the border of Myanmar (Burma) to Maesai. There we will meet with some men who have requested we start another Bible school in that area.  It will be more accessible there to preachers from the Communist countries of Myanmar, Laos, and China.

After we leave today our Internet will come to an end.  It will be awhile until we can get some other arrangements.  Please pray that we will be able to get that fixed soon.  We miss everyone — and it is much easier when we know that friends are just on the other side of the computer!

Blessings from Thailand,


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