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September Prayer Letter — And a Word from Me

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Thailand, here we come!  After the months of praying, planning, and preparation, it is hard to believe we will be on our way tomorrow.  Below  you will find Paul’s September Prayer Letter, but I wanted to add a couple of words from my heart.

I’ve heard many horror stories about deputation from other missionaries, but our experience has been nothing but good.  It was such an encouragement to find sound, living churches all across the nation.  We found scores of God’s people who obviously love Him and have a zeal for missions.  Without exception, we were treated royally.  Best of all, we found friends everywhere we went.

Paul and I traveled about 22,000 miles in our Buick Rendezvous during these past five months. Since the earth is 24,000 miles around the equator, we can say we almost drove around the world together, even before we get into a plane. We sat side-by-side all those miles, and still like other.  I believe that may be a test of true love!

Please continue to pray for us — for wisdom in dealing with situations in a new culture, for patience, and for an awareness of God’s presence.  We long to see Him do a great work in Thailand, and we are excited to be a part of that work.

Stay tuned.  The next blog will be from the other side of the world!

September Prayer Letter

 Dear Brethren,

It seems the time has flown by on our deputation. I cant tell you how great a joy it has been to visit each of your churches. I have such fond memories of being with each one of you.  I often go back through my deputation, remembering and praying for each of you.

The season of deputation will come to a close today, though.  It has been a very emotional week.  After 35 years of ministry I had my last day as a volunteer to the inmates at the Federal Prison at El Reno, OK.  I will greatly miss them.  Also, I had my last visit to a godly 95-year-old shut in.  Then on Friday I performed a wedding and yesterday I officiated a funeral for one of the dear saints here at Sherwood.

The Lord willing, I will be going to Grace Baptist Church in Chickasha, OK this morning where Bro. Mike Rodgers pastors.  Then I will drive back to Sherwood Baptist Church in Newcaste, OK, where I pastored for more than 38 years, for our final services. My son, Paul II, pastor of First Baptist Church of Independence, KY, will be preaching, then I will present the work and Bro. Blain Daugherty will be preaching the sendoff message for us.

It is hard to realize that early tomorrow morning, Monday, Susan and I will be on a plane headed for a different world — Thailand.  Brother and Sister Lee and Brother Ricky Cash, the pharmacist, are already in Thailand, visiting the villages and ministering spiritually and medicinally.  When we arrive, Brother Lee will help us get established.

Thank you all for your generous gifts and monthly support. We have been able to put back about $12,000 to furnish our little abode, build a secure gate and a carport for the compound, and buy a lot of needed equipment.

Please continue to pray for us as we “declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all peoples.” (Ps. 96)

For Christ Count Everything But Loss,

Brother Paul Brown

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