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Resting and Readying

Walking along the sandy beach and enjoying the vivid red and orange sunset over the ocean – what a wonderful way to relax and recharge! Three days in south Thailand, enjoying the beach, the boat tour, and, most of all, the time with family, was a rare treat for us. We appreciate so much the generosity of our son-in-law Andrew and daughter Rebekah that made it possible for us. I can quit saying now that I haven’t been anywhere south of Chiang Mai!


On Sunday we go to the village of Long Khoad to encourage the people there. Paul will preach and we will do medicine. We’ve been traveling to the villages every Sunday and God has been blessing. We are trying to figure out the logistics of having a Sunday school for the children. Here are some pictures from Faan Suay where we were last. Sorry I didn’t get a blog up about it.



Then next Monday we go to PaSak 2 for our first English/Bible camp. I’ll be teaching English and telling the Bible story. Then Jessie Smith will do games with the kids. We will have crafts and refreshments, too – and all hands will be drafted to help! Everyone will have a job, including our young grandsons and our kids we are raising here.

While we are having camp with the kids, Andrew will do dental, with assistance from Diane Smith.

In the afternoon I will bring out the medicine. We are really disappointed that Dr. Les Walls wasn’t able to come as he had planned, but we understand it was unavoidable. We plan on cashing in that rain check he gave us one of these days!

Two days there, a day to rest up, and then two days in Hoe La Bong. The next week we do the same in a third village. We’ll try to squeeze in a bit of sight-seeing in there somewhere!

Please pray for us for wisdom, for strength, and, most of all, for God’s blessing on our efforts. We love Him and we love the tribal people. What a privilege to help them in areas where they have particular needs!

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