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Paul’s February Prayer Letter

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

A new year is a gift from God. We’ve barely removed the wrapping paper from 2018, andalready it is proving to be a blessed gift. We’ve seen much accomplished here in this ripe and ready mission field!

us in January. Bro. Ricky Cash, a pharmacist from Grenada, came with him again. This trip was Bro. Ricky’s fifteenth mission trip to Thailand where he helps with medicine. Bro. Matt

Villandry, a pastor and pharmacist from Wagoner, OK, and his wife Brittany, also came onthe trip to see the work and to learn from Bro. Ricky on ministering medicine in primitive environments.

For two weeks we traveled to the villages for preaching and medicine. We had large groups –and small ones. All were important to the Lord. Now that dry season is on us, we were ableto make a trip to one of the most inaccessible villages, Canaan. The road is terrible, but thepeople there are precious. It wasn’t easy to get to many of the churches, but they werewithout doubt encouraged. Bro. Matthew and Bro. Bill brought some good messages, and

Bro. Ricky and Bro. Matt ministered to medical needs. Many of the people don’t speak Thailand are not Thai citizens, so we are their only access to medical care.

Preachers’ Training followed right after we said a sad goodbye to Bro. Bill & the medical team. We had 32 men from Thailand and Myanmar attending our training, 21 of them pastors. As a whole, we could see a hunger to learn and preach the Truth, and a zeal to spread

Another encouragement to us came in the form of several large donations for land. We doneed our own place. Land is expensive here – comparable to land prices in the U.S. SeeingGod’s provision through His faithful people gives us hope that we will soon find that permanent spot for our ministry.

More excitement is ahead with the wedding of our dear friend and helper, Rusty Van Der Netin a couple of weeks. We are looking forward to participating in this big event. I will be performing the wedding and Kimmy and our two girls will be in the wedding party, so there is a lot of wedding talk going on around here.

As you can see, there are many good things that have already happened in 2018 and more on their way. We thank God for the doors He has thrown so widely open. He is a faithful and wonderful Lord! Thank you for your prayers and faithful support. May the Lord bless you!

For Christ count everything but loss… Bro. paul

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