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Making Memories

Children’s laughter floats through the dusk and into our door. Is there a more beautiful music? I don’t think so. The kids are playing soccer in the tiny courtyard and evidently having a blast. I think they have enjoyed this short vacation from school.

Saturday was the king’s birthday, which is Father’s Day here in Thailand. School was out Monday, as part of the celebration. We made the most of the long

weekend. On Friday night we traveled to Mae Ai, about three hours away, where Lek’s parents have an acreage, complete with fishing ponds. Our kids love to fish, and caught a big mess of them in the well-stocked ponds. They climbed trees and played ball in the field.


“We stay Monday?” Andy asked. “No school.”

“Can we live here?” Molly asked.

The property seems perfect for us, but there are several hitches, which the Lord will have to overcome if He wants us there. They are pretty big hitches, but not too hard for the Lord if it is His will. We just don’t know if it is or not.

Paul and I, along with Lek and his dad, Moses, met with the mayor and his wife. Public relations here are important and we want to make sure there are no problems connected to Paul’s preachers’ training center. They were gracious and wanted to know if I planned to have an English class for the people in the community…. if I would volunteer in the school…. if I could have a class for the ladies…. Evidently there will be lots of opportunities for me there!

Sunday found us back in our home in San Sai. We enjoyed a special guest — Bro. Steve Piggot from the US. He was here as speaker for the ACE Far East Student Convention last week and joined in our worship service.

Monday, we went with the Sumatras and Bro. Steve to the Maesa ElephantCamp. It’s always interesting to see the elephant show with the huge animals playing soccer and (yes, really!) painting pictures. This time we rode the elephants, too.

The kids were scared, but bravely climbed into the howdahs, or seats, on the elephants’ backs. We were a l-o-o-o-ng way from the ground!

After lunch at the Orchid Farm and restaurant I was done for the day, but Paul and the boys went on a bike ride at the lake and biked up the mountain trails. I took a nap!

Then supper here at home and a hilarious game of soccer.

They say, “Someday you will only be a memory. Make sure it’s a good one.” I think we made some good memories this weekend.

On Tuesday it was back to work. Paul and Lek traveled to the village of Long Hkoad. A storm had hit and the wind whipped up the cooking fire in the house of a faithful church member. It burned to the ground. They lost everything they had. Ca Heh, the husband, ran back in to try to save some of the rice – their store of food for the year. He was badly burned on his arm. The guys went to see what he needed and how we could help.


.Since Long Koad is near a Thai village with a clinic, Ca Heh is able to see the doctor and have his wounds treated. The villagers, who have so little themselves, have shared with this couple. Church members were digging a footing for the new house when Paul and Lek arrived – a block house this time. Paul gave him money to help with the new house and to replace some of the household goods that were lost. Please pray for this family as they rebuild and heal.


And please pray for the Preachers’ Training Center which will open next month. Paul can’t wait! In the meantime, we also have four more Thanksgiving services to attend, and Paul will be meeting at the border with the pastors from Laos for training, since they won’t be able to come to the PTC. I’m teaching English a couple of days a week at the children’s school now, as well as twice a week in the evening, so we all stay busy.

Which is the way we like it. God is good!

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