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Latest Myanmar Trip

We made it!  At last we were able to climb to the top of our property in Myanmar and actually see what God has given us. It is beautiful and amazing.  We can’t wait to get started.  Here are pics of our journey.

Entering Myanmar

We crossed the border in record time. We had transportation issues again, but at length started on our trip to the Akha village.

Street scene in Tachileik.

The streets are narrow and bumpy and lined with shops of all kinds.  I haven’t done any shopping there yet.  Maybe next time.

The Akha pastor, Ahpa the headman of the village, Yatchie the deacon, Anond, and Paul.

First stop was the home of the headman, Ahpa. The young pastor and Yatchie, the deacon met with us.  We paid for the clearing work done on the land so far and made some arrangements for other work to be done.  Yatchie sold us some timber and is going to build a Lahu-style house for us.  The rest of the work will come later, but this will be a start.

Starting the hike. The new bridge is in the distance.

We couldn’t take a car or motorbike very close to the land because the government is putting in a new bridge and the road is closed. We hiked in, and enjoyed it!

Paul with Yatchie at the property line.

Yatchie led us over the mountain.  Here he is with Paul at the property line.

View along the way.

The mountain is covered with jungle, but the village folks have cut some bamboo and grass for our house, so we were able to follow a rough path.

Climbing through the underbrush.

Some of the way was a bit challenging, but we made it.

The top of the mountain. We hope to build in the area under the trees in the distance.

There is a level space at the top of one of the mountains. We plan to build our first building under the trees in the distance.

View from the top.

From the top of the mountain we could see the mountains of Laos.  Facing the other way, we could look toward China. We are so looking forward to starting the work there.

And back through the border into Thailand and our current work. Please pray for us!

*For wisdom as we begin this new venture.

*For the Bible school finishing here next month.

*For the Bible conference here next month and in Myanmar in April.

*For the Sunday School camp also coming up in April.

*For more staff for the children’s home. We still need houseparents.

Blessings from Thailand,


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