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Paul’s July Prayer Letter

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

“Moses, my servant is dead…” Bro. Jack Duplechain, another of the Lord’s servants is dead, but he lives now more than ever, and will forever (John 11:25-27).

It’s one of the most difficult things about foreign mission work. When friends and family have times of crisis or joy, we can’t be there for them. This week we had another of those sad, hard times. Brother Jack and I promised each other years ago that the surviving one would preach the other’s funeral. I am sad that I cannot fulfill that promise. But just a few words about my brother as I cannot be there…

Brother Jack had opinions. And if you were around him very long you soon knew what they were (the Saints or LSU, etc.). But His passion was Christ! He loved the Savior and his heart was to set forth the glories of his Lord. He preached Christ crucified. His preaching ever set forth the infinite riches of God’s grace in Christ Jesus in His finished work of redemption for such unworthy, ungodly sinners as we are. He loved the Lord’s Word. He loved the Lord’s people. He loved me, and I am so grateful to God for his friendship through the last 30 years. He loved and was devoted to Virginia, his wife. He loved his children and grandchildren. All who knew and loved this man will greatly miss him. It has been hard that I’m not able there as I promised him that I would be. Pray for Virginia and all the family as they make arrangements and deal with their loss.

We had another great week of Preachers’ Training with 21 LaHu and LiSu men from Thailand and Myanmar. It is a delight to gather with these men who are so hungry for the Word and desirous to faithfully feed their flocks. Pray for them that the Lord will give them great understanding in the Word, and boldness in proclaiming It.

Putting up the canopy shelter for our preachers’ training.

Pray with us also concerning the great burden to see the Thai people reached with the Gospel and sound churches established. We are preaching to these as well as to the hill tribes.

Our children are doing well. Susan is doing such a great job in teaching them. They are all able to communicate in English now and are reading in first grade readers. That’s an accomplishment when you consider that many of the words in the stories are unfamiliar. They have learned to read with phonics rules, so they are able to read even words they don’t know. Being able to speak and read English will be a big advantage to them in their futures. May the Lord raise up some mighty warriors for the faith among them.

God is faithful to provide everything we need, including willing helpers. Shelby Banks was a great help to Susan with the children, and we know that Kimmy Hassellbusch will be likewise as she comes to help soon. Also our Aussie brother, Rusty van der Net, is always ready to lend a hand, whether it is running errands or hearing children practice reading, or helping out by teaching English at preachers’ training. He is a Christian businessman, here on a student visa to learn the Thai language. He has a great burden to see S.E. Asia reached with the sound Gospel.

On a personal note, Susan and I both had checkups at a hospital in Chiang Mai and had good reports, considering our age. The Lord is good whatever our condition, but we do thank Him for our health and strength to serve Him here.

Thank you for your prayers and faithful and sacrificial support. May the Lord bless you! For Christ count everything but loss… Bro. paul

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