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  • Susan Brown

6. Linkee the Tease

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

“Nya, nya, you can’t get me.” Have you ever said that?  I did — and I was sorry!

We were in San Antonio and some friends of Grandma and Grandpa invited us over for  a special breakfast.

Miss Sherilyn fixed biscuits and gravy. Mmmm. Brother Russ cooked bacon and eggs.

I liked them and I liked Pastor Kyle White who came and had breakfast, too.

I did not like Frank.

Teaser L and Frank

When Frank the dog came in, everyone quit playing with me and started playing with him. Frank could play fetch, and I can’t.  I wished I could run and jump, too.  I felt left out. So I teased Frank a little.


“Nya, nya, you can’t get me!” I taunted him. “I’m riding on Pastor Kyle’s shoulder. Dogs can’t ride on shoulders.  Ha. Ha."

That made Frank mad!  He jumped up and tried to get me.  Brother Kyle wasn’t paying attention. He set me down on the couch.


“I can get you now,” Frank growled. “You look like a chew toy to me.”  He bared his sharp teeth.

Suddenly I was frightened.  I’m made of fur and stuffing.  Those teeth might tear me in pieces!  And they were VERY close to my nose.

“Oh, no,” said Grandma. “I think Frank wants to play with Linkee, but that isn’t a good idea.”  She picked me up. Whew!  I was so glad to be safe again.

“Maybe you should put Linkee in the bedroom,” Miss Sherilyn said. “He will be safe there.”

“Good idea!” Grandma said. She put me on the bed and closed the door as she went away. 

I sat there all alone in the dark. I heard Frank barking and yapping as the others played with him in the bright, sunshiney living room.  I felt very sorry for myself!

I was so mad that I wouldn’t even talk to Grandpa when they came to get me after breakfast.  That was so mean to shut me up when it was all Frank’s fault.


Grandpa talked to me about it.  “Linkee, you were the one who started the trouble.  You teased Frank.  If you had been kind to him, he might have been your friend. You could have played nicely with him instead of having to be put in the bedroom.”

I still wanted to pout, but I knew Grandpa was right.  It wasn’t Frank’s fault that he could jump and play and I can’t.  I shouldn’t have teased him.

“Teasers will always get into trouble,” Grandpa said. “Be kind to people and you will have lots more fun.”

I like to tease, but I think Grandpa is right.  I’ll try to be kind from now on. It’s better to be friends with folks who have sharp teeth!

Your friend,


Hi kids,

Are you ever tempted to tease someone?  I happen to know that some of you are teasers!  Maybe you think your brother or sister gets more attention than you do.  Do you think teasing them is a good way to be noticed?  I don’t think so. I think you will be like Linkee and will find yourself in trouble. If you are kind and play nicely, you will really have lots more fun!

I love you very much — teasers and teased!


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