Paul's Prayer Letter

Paul’s Prayer Letter

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.” What a promise! Yes, it is a fact that we will know many afflictions, hardships and trials, but also it is true that through them all the Lord’s sufficient grace will bring us out into a wealthy place. (Psalm 34:19; 66:12).

The dear people we serve may live in mountain villages, but their trials are much the same as ours. As we travelled this week we found many sick. The entire village of Canaan suffered from a cold-type virus. Susan almost depleted the supply of cold medicine and cough drops as person after person complained of cough, headache, and fever. Possibly the change of season is responsible for the illnesses. Here in the mountains of northern Thailand we go abruptly from winter (40’s at night to 80’s in the day) to summer (70 at night up to 110 or so in the day).

It was our privilege to carry medicine to help them in their afflictions. But it was even a greater blessing to remind them of an all-sufficient Savior for all that we face in life, and then joy unspeakable throughout all eternity with Him. Pray for them as they have very little preaching as they have been without a pastor for over two years. It’s difficult to find a pastor willing to live in a place so remote with the only road being extremely rough, narrow and dangerous. Please pray for the Lord to send a pastor soon.

As we left there and travelled down to Pa Sak Two we received great encouragement. Yes, many were sick there, also, but the faithful pastor, GiDon (pronounced Gi dough), told us that the people were faithful and the church house was full each Lord’s Day. After I preached a short message Susan and Ai Daw Kham ministered medicine to the many needy.

All the children are doing well. Susan continues to give them loving care and teaches them English in the evenings. They are speaking good English, although a bit Okie style.

We had a good preachers’ meeting in February and all seemed to be encouraged and doing well.  It was a special blessing to the preachers and to us to have our pastor, Bro. Bill Lee and Bro. Ricky Cash with us at that time for an eight day special visit.

We won’t have a Preachers’ Training this month, though, as Susan and I will be coming to the States in less than two weeks for a quick visit to see our mothers, children and grandchildren. Our children here are off for a month’s summer break, so it’s a good time for them to go back to see relatives and keep in touch with their tribal heritage. And it is a good time for us to make a fast trip to give hugs to our family and home church.

It is with great sorrow that I report to you that my interpreter of almost 3 years is no longer with me. I will not mention the details, but do pray for us and for him and his family. The Lord has provided another interpreter, Ai Daw Kham. He is a LaHu preacher and very good interpreter. As he traveled with us this week to the villages he was well received by the people. His love for them was very obvious. I think it was mutual. He is with me on a part-time basis now, and may well work out for full time. He is 65 years old and is particularly knowledgeable of the Bible. He has been teaching the Bible for many years.

I will continue to rent the facilities of Brother Moses and work with him. Because of the problems we have encountered and being temporarily without an interpreter we did not have the Preachers’ Training this month. The Lord willing, in May we will take up where we left off. Continue to pray for us about our own compound here in Thailand where we can train preachers and children. Also pray with us about a possible trip to China later this year. We thank the Lord for your faithful support that makes this ministry possible! May the Lord bless you! For Christ count everything but loss… Bro. paul