Moving Day

Home on the mission compound!  What a fun, funny, exciting, but totally exhausting day it was to get here. The day began early — 2 a.m. — like it usually does for us. (Before you are too impressed, let me…

Sunday at Pa Sak #1

Crisp, cool, mountain air flowed through the lattice-work walls. The tile floor felt cold on my bare feet. (It’s not polite to wear shoes inside — especially not in church!) Sunday morning found us at Pa Sak #1, meeting with…

An Unexpected Day

Were you looking for pictures of the children at the flower show?  Sorry!  Some days don’t follow my plan — but they all follow God’s plan, so that’s okay. I was up and ready to go by 8 a.m., waiting…

Friday -- and the First Week Complete

Hard to believe, but our first week of Bible school is complete!  The students are gradually arriving.  We had about 20 yesterday.  Anond videotaped the first weeks’ lessons so the latecomers can catch up.  I’m glad, since the teaching has…

Teaching and Reaching Out

Fifteen eager students showed up at the school yesterday.  More are scheduled to arrive as soon as New Year’s celebrations are over, including three more from Burma.  Our spot in Northern Thailand is a wonderful strategic position to reach into…

And Bible School Begins...

The air is fresh and cool in the classroom which will soon be my new home.  The students are bundled up against the cold, while I am enjoying the weather in my shirt sleeves. As Anond forecast, more new students…

First Day of Bible School

First day of Bible school — and I have to say it was somewhat of an anticlimax.  We had ten students there, including two new young men.  One is from the Maung tribe and one from the Akha tribe.  We…

Preparation Day

It’s Tuesday morning here, about 4:40 a.m.  We’ve been up for a while so, as you can see, we are still offtrack with our sleep schedule.  Yesterday was a disaster for me. I woke up, bright and chipper, at 1:30…

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