Contact and Mailing Info

E-mail:  Our email is

Phone: We have a Magic Jack with a free local number.  It’s 405-241-thai (8424).  We’d love to hear from you.  Please remember, though, that there is a 13 hour time difference.  Don’t call us on your lunch break!

Donations: Donations can be sent to our sending church, Central Baptist.  Our pastor will wire the money to us. That’s the easiest, quickest, and safest way to get it to us.

Central Baptist Church

PO Box 876

Grenada, MS 38902


Some have preferred to send donations to us through Paypal.  The email associated with our account is

Shipping Info: If you want to mail us something on the field, we have a new address:
Paul and Susan Brown
246/80 M. 6, M. Phudoi
T. Nongiom, A. Sansai
Chiang Mai, Thailand 50210

Shipping is expensive, and we have to pay customs on some items.  Here are some shipping tips:

Remove the tags and packaging from any new items.  Once they are out of the package, the items are no longer classified as “new” and customs will be less.

You will need to fill out a customs form when you mail it.  Please check the “gift” box and give items the lowest reasonable (but honest) value possible. For example, give a gently used dress a garage sale “bargain” price rather than the price it might fetch at a resale shop. Value handmade items at the price of the materials, not the sale value of the item.

Recently, candy has begun to be a problem. You have to have an import license for it, apparently, and we have had boxes hung up at the food and drug import regulators because of a bag of candy that was included.  We can get candy here, so, although the kids enjoy it, it would be best to leave it out.

Check out  We’ve received packages through them at 1/3 the cost and in two days instead of two weeks.

Thanks for your support!