Paul's July Prayer Letter

Paul’s July Prayer Letter

“Moses, my servant is dead…” Bro. Jack Duplechain, another of the Lord’s servants is dead, but he lives now more than ever, and will forever (John 11:25-27). It’s one of the most difficult things about foreign mission work. When friends…

Baptisms and Birthdays

Baptisms and Birthdays

My feet slid in the slippery mud and I waved my arms madly to keep my balance. If I fell I would be muddy and bruised, but it wouldn’t matter. If that poor 80-year-old lady who was bent nearly double,…

Paul's Prayer Letter

Paul’s Prayer Letter

“It could be a brain tumor,” Dr. Pornsriniyom said. Oh, the value of our time! It is far more precious than any substance on earth. May David’s prayer be ours, “Lord, make me know the measure of my days, what…

Another Pair of Hands -- and Another Heart for Thailand

Another Pair of Hands — and Another Heart for Thailand

I thundered down the stairs and rushed into the kitchen. I had lost track of time – again – and forgot to start the rice. A lot of hungry people would be impatiently waiting for dinner. They can’t eat without…

Set-Backs and Progress

Set-Backs and Progress

Where was a red song tau? I trotted down the busy street, dodging cars, bicycles and tuk-tuks which all seemed intent on running over me. I was going to be late and I needed to find a ride fast. At…

Serving God -- Exciting or Not

Serving God — Exciting or Not

The light-weight blanket dripped over the edge of the top bunk as if it was trying to make up its mind whether to slide down or stay on the bed where it belonged. I sighed. An unmade bed again. That…

About That Flying Snake....

About That Flying Snake….

A flying snake – I never saw such a thing, even here in Thailand. I slowed my run to a walk and wiped the rivers of sweat from eyes onto my already-soaked t-shirt. Running in the rainy season has its…

Extreme Parenting -- Missionary Style

Extreme Parenting — Missionary Style

On your mark. Get set. Go!!! Crazy people doing extreme sports seem to be trend – at least it is on Thai tv. Turn it on and you see people skiing down impossible slopes, doing death-defying tricks on skateboards, and…

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

“That electric wire is down,” Paul said. He stopped the truck and scanned the steep mountain road. “Can you see where it goes?” The pole leaned sideways toward us and the wire sagged downward. We all peered out the truck…

Horrible Roads -- Wonderful People

Horrible Roads — Wonderful People

I gulped and swallowed hard, trying to beat down the waves of nausea that rose to swamp me. No use. Between the curvy mountain roads that were practically a series of u-turns and the deep ruts and holes that jarred…

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