Adventures with Friendship and Forgiving

I like Seattle! I had a good time there with my friends Jesse and Sylvia. Jesse and I are best buds and we went everywhere together.       One day we went to the movies. I had never been to…

Monkey Manners

Aaaak! Asa scared me. “Grandma! Grandma!” I cried. “Asa is making scary faces at me. What’s wrong with him.” Grandma laughed. “You know not to be afraid of Asa,” she said. “He isn’t making a face. He is pointing with…

Linkee’s Church Adventure

I was so excited I couldn’t sit still.  I jumped from the table to Grandpa’s head and on to Molly’s shoulder.  She grabbed me and held me tight. “No, no, Linkee,” she said.  She said something else, too, but it…

Linkee and the Elephant Adventure

Oh, no!  The elephant’s trunk came closer and closer. It looked like a big snake.  It almost grabbed me.  He thought I was something to eat.  Save me, Grandpa! I thought I would like elephants. I’m a jungle monkey —…

Linkee's Bad Day Adventure

Linkee’s Bad Day Adventure

Finally!  I waited so long for this day!  It was National Children’s Day in Thailand.  I LOVE playing with the children.  They have been in school, so I haven’t had a chance to see them much. They leave for school…

Linkee and the Angry Flower Adventure

Thanksgiving again! In the U.S., people only get one day a year for Thanksgiving, but here in Thailand, we have them all through the month of November.  This time we went to a village high, high, up in the mountains. …

Linkee and the Mysterious Pig in the Bedroom

“Grandpa, come quick!” I yelled.  “There is a pig in the bedroom.” “Linkee, how could a pig be in the bedroom?  I think you made a mistake,” he said. “There IS a pig. I can hear it,” I said. “They…

Linkee's Scary Jungle Adventure

Linkee’s Scary Jungle Adventure

Real monkeys!  I could hardly wait to see them!  I’m a stuffed, toy monkey, not a real one, but I always wanted to meet the real thing. Would they look like me?  Would they be glad to see me?  I…

Linkee says “Hello”

I gasped for air!  Whew!  I thought I was going to smother down in the bottom of Grandma’s giant purse.  I squirmed and wiggled until I was on top again. “Be careful, Linkee,” she said. “I don’t want you to…

Linkee Says Goodbye

We are here!  We are in Thailand!  Already I’ve had a lot of adventures. This is a very different place than America. But first I want to tell you about the last adventure I had before I left.  After all…

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