Daily Challenges and Blessings

Daily Challenges and Blessings

The dragonfly-sized bug fluttered near the desk lamp, it’s stiff wings rustling as it buzzed near the light. With lightening-quick hands, Andy grabbed it and, just as quickly, popped it into his mouth. I wanted to believe he was teasing…

Enjoying God's Faithfulness

Enjoying God’s Faithfulness

The tiny girl swirled around, making her fluffy green skirt stand out — like little girls wearing their best dresses do everywhere in the world.  She bounced over to me on tiptoes, oblivious to the church service going on.  Children…

Back from the Twilight Zone

Back from the Twilight Zone

They call it the Twilight Zone — or at least, I call it that. The place where you feel suspended between cultures and time zones. Neither East nor West seems real. I was there for a week or two when…

Saying Goodbye -- and Waiting for the Glad "Hello"

Saying Goodbye — and Waiting for the Glad “Hello”

The icy wind whipped the tent surrounding the open grave into billows and slapped the mourners standing nearby with aching chills to their bones. It was a miserable day to say goodbye to a well-loved lady. And it was a…

Teaching, Training, and  Travels

Teaching, Training, and Travels

Late! I stumbled out of bed and began throwing on my clothes. The rice won’t be done in time, I thought frantically. They won’t eat without rice and I can’t send them to school hungry. I tripped in my haste…

Paul's February Prayer Letter

Paul’s February Prayer Letter

A new year is a gift from God. We’ve barely removed the wrapping paper from 2018, andalready it is proving to be a blessed gift. We’ve seen much accomplished here in this ripe and ready mission field! Our pastor, Bro….

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

I awkwardly folded my legs under me on the bamboo floor. Definitely should have picked a fuller skirt to wear today. However, a little tugging of material and adjusting of knees not accustomed to floor sitting and I was set…

Weeping May Endure for a Night....But Joy Cometh in the Morning

Weeping May Endure for a Night….But Joy Cometh in the Morning

The tears pressed against my eyeballs. I fought them, but they won, as usual. They overflowed and slid down my cheeks. These were just the latest in a river of tears I had cried. How can you make the decision…

Busy Days and Answered Prayers

Busy Days and Answered Prayers

“It is illegal. It will have to be destroyed.” I gulped and looked at the expensive – and borrowed – suitcase full of dental equipment. Surely, Lord, I prayed, You won’t let this happen! We had been looking forward to…