Arrivals, Ceremonies, and Blessings

Arrivals, Ceremonies, and Blessings

“You’re kidding me, right?” Kimmy asked with a barely concealed shudder. She turned to me. “He’s just pretending to eat them, isn’t he?” “Watch,” Paul replied. He took three of the fried bamboo worms out of the bowl on the…

Thanksgivings and Thankful Hearts

Thanksgivings and Thankful Hearts

I swallowed hard, trying not to cry. The rain beat on the roof of the partially enclosed pavilion and shrouded the bridge over the swollen river with a gray veil. On the other side of the bridge was Myanmar. Just…

Paul's Latest Prayer Letter

Paul’s Latest Prayer Letter

“See that young man on the back row,” Bro. Ai Donkham, my interpreter, said. “His father is a very influential leader among the Shan people. He is here because he is burdened to reach his people with the Gospel.” The…

Terrors and Traveling

Terrors and Traveling

I jerked awake with a start. “What was that?” I mumbled, still befuddled by sleep. “Phone,” Paul said as he fumbled to find and answer it. There is something about a phone call late at night or early in the…

Running the Race Before Us

Running the Race Before Us

“Time – 845 hours, 46 minutes, and 16 seconds per mile,” the impersonal voice announced. I stopped running and looked at my phone. I know my running pace is slow, but surely not THAT slow. Found the problem. Evidently I…

Drama, Trauma, and Blessings

Drama, Trauma, and Blessings

“Where are you going with that?” I asked suspiciously. My things have a way of disappearing, not to be found until days later in some unlikely place like in the tool box or in the boys’ clothes closet. Knives and…

True Treasures

True Treasures

  I ran up the steps, panting and struggling to hang onto the armful of red heart-shaped balloons. “Hurry up,” I called back to the teens straggling behind me. “She’s already here and we aren’t set up yet.” “I knew…

Troubles -- But Under His Control

Troubles — But Under His Control

Seizure. Spastic jerks wrenched Andy’s body as he lay on the dining room floor. Foam flecked his mouth and his eyes gruesomely rolled back in his head. We have seen gran mal seizures before. This was obviously one of them….

Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

The kids and the store clerk burst out laughing. What? All I did was ask where I could find the sugar. “No, Grandma,” Moses said through his chuckles. “It’s not naamtaan. It’s naamtaan.” Sigh. Thai is a tough language. It…

Paul's July Prayer Letter

Paul’s July Prayer Letter

“Moses, my servant is dead…” Bro. Jack Duplechain, another of the Lord’s servants is dead, but he lives now more than ever, and will forever (John 11:25-27). It’s one of the most difficult things about foreign mission work. When friends…

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